miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Sonora Naturals, becomes a member of "Asociacion Sonorense de Industria Limpias"

Sonora Naturals, becomes a member of "Asociacion Sonorense de Industria Limpias"; with the compromise  to continue  innovatiing  the Enterprise Schemes.  Yesterday    Ing. Hector Diaz Galaviz General Director for Sonnat  integrated to the Board of Directors  of this Association.

During this meeting people like Antonio Ibarra Cerecer, General Director of Planeacion y Concentración de Auditorias was present and who spoke about the benefits and help that brings to adopt actions for Companies, but most important the respect for Environment.

Also the Managing Director in Sonora for PROFEPA Lic. Alan Munro  Lopez,  who gave  the position to 4 persons  to integrate  this program on the City  “Asociacion Sonorense de Industrias Limpias” these persons are:
  • Lic. Gerardo Vasquez  as President
  • Ing. Victor del Castillo as Vicepresident
  • Biol.  Cesar Catalan Secretary
  • Ing. Hector Diaz Galaviz as Treasurer
All of them representing with honor the companies for the ones proudly  work; General Electric, Grupo Mexico, Maquilas Tetakawi and Sonora Naturals.

It is important to notice that working among different institutions and entrepreneurs, it aimed that more companies in Sonora can be more competitive    and responsible with Environment, by developing different aspects of efficiency  to make a better job without affecting  Environment.

Benefits  to be member of PNAA and  obtain  Officials Certificates
• Compromise with Middle Environment
• Savings  on consumptions  of fuels, electricity and water
• Good image to the companies
• Good communication
• Opening of New Markets
• Trust to the customers and suppliers
• Innovation and Develop  for the companies

 More Information click on www.sonnat.com.mx

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